One Person
Two People
Extra bed (2 or 3 people)
All prices include continental breakfast.

Permanent Special Offers

All special offers are mutually exclusive unless otherwise stated. Only one special offer may be used at any one time.

  • Advanced Payment
10% discounted when you pay in full for two (2) or more nights in advance. Contact us for details.
  • Long Stay
10% discounted when you book a stay of seven (7) or more consecutive nights.

Throughout the year

If you are touring or walking, we can provide a packed lunch (demi-baguette or sliced bread sandwich with fruit and bottled water or juice) for 7€, with prior notice so that we can get in fresh ingredients.

Wherever possible we use fresh, often locally sourced, preferably organic ingredients

You might like a more accurate conversion at latest rates.

Please read our conditions of service page before booking. Frequently asked questions are answered on it.

If you have made a provisional booking and want to confirm it, you can make your deposit payment of 15 euros per night with a euro cheque drawn on a French bank account.

Alternatively, you can contact us for payment instructions. We shall send you a "request for payment" from PayPal. See our Terms of Service for more details.

  • We take PayPal only for payment in full for stays of two (2) or more nights, or for your confirmation deposit.
  • Supplementary charges will be applied for the encashment of non-French Euro cheques.
  • It is illegal to include cash in a letter in France.
  • If you have an English bank account and do not wish to use the services of PayPal, we will accept a deposit of 15 pounds per night, but the confirmation only happens when your cheque has been cleared by our bank.

Without confirmation we cannot hold your dates open, but once your deposit is received you can rest easy.

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