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Tour de France from Pear Blossom House (Brittany Bed and Breakfast)

Tour de France 2004

Côtes d’Armor

Stage 7 - Saturday, 10th July

Chateaubriand to Saint-Brieuc (Brézillet)

North out of Ille-et-Vilaine and through Evran, Calorguen, Léhon, Quévert, Corseul, Plancoët.

On to Pluduno, St Pôtan, Matignon, Le Cap Fréhel.

West to Sables-d’Or-Les-Pins, La Couture, St-Alban, Planguenoual, Les Pont-Neufs, Yffiniac, Langueux.

Arriving Saint-Brieuc (Brézillet) about 5:15PM (17h15).

Tour de France 2004 in Côtes d’Armor
With thanks to Côtes d’Armor - Le Magazine des Costarmoricains

Stage 8 - Sunday, 11th July

Lamballe to Quimper

Leaves Place du Champ de Foire, Lamballe officially at 12:30PM (12h30), on the N12 towards Moncontour.

Passing through Bréhand, Moncontour, Plémy, St Hervé.

Past Uzel, through Le Quillio, St-Guen, Mûr-de-Bretagne.

Through Corlay, St-Nicolas-du-Pélem, Plounévez-Quintin, Kergrist-Moëlou, Maël-Carhaix, and on into Finisterre.

Visit the Tour de France 2004 official web site

Here are some of the photographs we took as the Tour shot past us. Unfortunately they are the best we got. Don’t they whistle past fast? And it was such a grey day - it’s a good job we had a drop of wine to keep us cheery whilst we waited.

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Like the rest of the town, we decorated. Here comes the Caravane Here comes the Peloton There goes the Peloton And that’s the support crews

Like a lot of the rest of the town, we decorated - we put Carol’s 1930’s framed bike up on the gate. We also learned a thing. The Caravane is a cavalcade of sponsor’s cars, each dishing out to the crowds, as they pass, their promotional freebies - water, coffee, clapsticks, hats, bags, flags, etc.

Despite the inclement weather, it was a wonderful day, and one we can’t wait to experience again. We will probably have to travel out next year. We noticed that a lot of the visitors to Mûr were from the South of Brittany - we were the closest that the TDF came to Morbihan.

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