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Primary gateway to Pear Blossom House!

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Front page of our regularly updated newsletter.

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Tarriffs and information about the rooms.

         Special offers and discounts.

         Currency conversion.

Getting Here Page

Information on how to get to us.

         Harvey’s directions.

Local Area Page

Some information about the local area - supplements "Getting Here".

2015 - Draining the Lake

Special Event - Draining of the Lac de Guerlédan".

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Online e-mail form.

Terms and Conditions of Service

Terms and Conditions of Service. Frequently asked questions answered.

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Current News Page

Latest news, information, offers, photos, etc.

         Fishing hints for the area.

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Archive Index

Archived Pages

2008 to 2011
1/1/2005 to 27/12/2006
12/2/2004 to 19/10/2004
17/8/2003 to 1/2/2004
       Deutsche Übersetzung        17/8/2003 biß 1/2/2004
15/6/2003 to 8/7/2003
       Deutsche Übersetzung        5/6/2003 biß 8/7/2003
       Deutsche Übersetzung        5/6/2003
23/2/2003 to 15/4/2003
8/1/2003 to 13/1/2003
First paper newsletter (1/8/2002) in TXT and in RTF.

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16 Pictures
More Pictures
Pictures of kittens
Pictures of the rooms

Items For Sale

Surplus to requirements
Inside views of house for sale
Outside views of house for sale
Inside views of small additional house

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Major Events

Tour de France

Tour de France, 2011 finishes stage 4 at Mûr.
Tour de France, 2008 visits Mûr again.
Tour de France, 2006 went past our door again.
Tour de France 2004 passed our door!

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