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Picture Gallery

Photo Galleries of Pear Blossom House (Bed and Breakfast in Brittany) This is where to find some picture galleries, for those who want to see the pictures without reading the news. Principally containing photographs we have taken, the gallery also includes pictures from other sources, such as the great one of the bike leaning against the town board - I’d love to credit the photographer, so if it is you, do tell!

News and News Archives

News archive of Pear Blossom House (Bed and Breakfast in Brittany) The previous issues of this page have all been archived.

Sorry to relate, but there was so little to report for October (and I was very busy elsewhere) that there is no events calendar for October. But there should be one for November, as the end of the harvest is celebrated. The corn is still out there to be garnered ...

Things to do

There are some nice local walks described on
And some more in French from Marzina ... 

Not far away in Brest was the ‘Tall Ships’ in July. We didn’t go ourselves, but friends did and told us that it was a great day out!

The Tour de France from Pear Blossom House (Brittany Bed and Breakfast)Tour de France went past our door on Sunday 11th July. We have added our photo memories to this page.

And if you can’t get to Brittany yourself you can learn a lot about its early history here.



Wot No News ?

Until I get started here the last page is in the archive.

As far as the calendar of events is concerned ...

The music scene is hotting up. Weekend Lotto games are gradually being replaced by Festou Noz. The sales are about to finish.

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I haven’t yet started the events page, but some things are happening this month - a bit late but here goes ...

28th March - VTT downhill race at St Aignan.

Catching up with ancient history: we had a great time at Christmas, and to prove it here is a picture of Smartie partying ... Smartie, a go-go
Winter came suddenly and surprised the Camellias ... Sleet hits the Camellias
Winter weather gave us some really impressive aspects to Abbaye Bon Repos ... Bon Repos in Grey weather
And the bottom of the garden looked bleak too ... Bottom of the garden in Winter


Special Offer for May
How do you fancy 3 nights for the price of 2 during May?
Get straight onto our Contact Page and get your booking in!
Three consecutive nights during May 2004 for the price of two.

This offer is now finished.

Today’s the day I finally got around to the upcoming events page. See if anything is happening that might interest you ...

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The Anse de Sourdan on the Lac de Guerledan Whilst the sun was out last week (that wasn’t Summer, was it?) we took a trip around the Lac de Guerlédan and ended up sunning ourselves at the Anse de Sourdan. Lovely sandy beach, bar just up the road - couldn’t be better.

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Welcome to all of our readers. It has been too long, yet again. Lots to tell you.

We have a new guest resident here at Pear Blossom House. Let me introduce you to ... (DrumRoll) ... Pimprenella. She is a nine year old goat from near Morlaix. The plan is that she should keep the grass short for us. However, she prefers to eat the shed and the apple trees. Arrgh! Pimprenella the goat
Mûr had a "vide grenier" (car boot sale) in May. Lots of happy people descended on the town to find a bargain. Vide Grenier in May

The garden has been looking really good recently. We took these photographs in early May.
Lavender in the garden Meadow flowers in the garden Apple blossom in the garden Primulas in the garden

You may be pleased to learn that as of late last month, we have more available accommodation, so you are less likely to be turned away! We hope to upload some photos to the tariffs page from the camera soon.
Of course they will also be uploaded to the gallery pages.

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At the beginning of July, we woke up to a monster thunderstorm. It destroyed our telephone, and the motherboard and memory of my computer! Enough excuses. I apologise for the non-appearance of the August calendar of events. It would have been particularly good with the Fête du Lac de Guerlédan, Fest Noz de la Manoir de la Roche, Fest Noz de St Gilles du Vieux Marché, the Son et Lumière at the Abbeye Bon Repos. There was so much going on, despite the weather, that I barely got any withdrawal symptoms - although I did have a bit of a panic attack when another thunderstorm took out yet another modem ...

This page has become quite big enough, so I shall be archiving it over the next month.

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Check out the events diary for September - You will also note that this page hasn’t been archived yet - Je suis venteur, ou quoi?

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Sorry that there has been no events diary for October. And still no archiving! We have been very busy trying to unpack more and fit it all into various parts of the house. As a result of which, we have discovered some items which keep getting in the way, and for which we cannot currently find a use. You will start to see the results of that on our new "For Sale" Page

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