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Picture Gallery

Photo Gallery of Pear Blossom House (Bed and Breakfast in Brittany) This is where to find a picture gallery, for those who want to see the pictures without reading the news. Principally containing photographs we have taken, the gallery also includes pictures from other sources, such as the great one of the bike leaning against the town board - I’d love to credit the photographer, so if it is you, do tell!

News Archives

News archive of Pear Blossom House (Bed and Breakfast in Brittany) The previous issues of this page have all been archived.

Things to do

There are some nice local walks described on
And some more in French from Marzina ... 

Stuffs happening, but a lot less because "The Season" is over, and Winter is here!

New to this page The Tour de France from Pear Blossom House (Brittany Bed and Breakfast)Tour de France is passing our door on Sunday 11th July - will you be cheering with us?

And if you can’t get to Brittany yourself you can learn a lot about its early history here.



Apologies for the long delay since the last update. We have been very busy because it is the very high season here for July/August, and we wanted to get the room utterly ready during this time. As a result, we got the 3 keys from Clévacances, and we haven’t stopped since then.

You haven’t missed anything. I have just placed the last version of this page with the previous archived news.

I have spent too long making the recent changes to have any interest in adding news too! Changes have been suggested by Carol and some of our visitors.

Use our contact page to send any comments you may have on the web site.

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Been out in the rain (what's that then ... ?) hacking back the brambles (haven't lost too many fingers using the sickle this time) so that we can pick our pears and apples before they all drop off and rot. Looking forward to blackberry and apple crumble over the weekend. The chili pepper crop, whilst not exactly bumper, looks promising for chili pickle for the winter. Tomatoes are really fat, solid and tasty. Found a vine behind our compost heap, which means forking it all over - needs doing anyway - so that we can get to the grapes. Meantime, when I get that far, I can salvage the tall tree currently choked with ivy. It has looked very sad all year next to the other tree which has already been unburdened.

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It has been ages since I’ve been here. I have had technical problems. Those of you who neither know nor care to know about computer technicals should skip to the end of this news report.

One day Murphy decided that my setup had been working far too well for far too long, despite not being at all well set up!

Firstly, I pulled out too far the drawer upon which I rest my keyboard, so that it dropped onto the printer, whose sheet feeder now no longer works!

Then I got a hint that perhaps I need a new hard drive. The scandisk before reformatting found 16 bad sectors! Reloading and configuring has taken a long, long time. Side benefits include having a version (5.5) of Internet Explorer that works. Whenever I try to upgrade to v6 it breaks, so I prefer to use Mozilla or Opera browsers. But it’s a good job I haven’t been using Outlook Express, because when I reinstalled my Virus Checker I found that 5 or 6 e-mails (most purporting to come from MicroSoft) per day contain a Worm, which would have been executed in preview mode. I’m so glad I use Pegasus Mail!

The fan on my power unit had been increasingly noisy. My usual supplier of computer bits has been closed for some time and may be closed for a sight longer. Before I could find a new supplier, my power supply died and I was without the computer (flaky as it is) for 3 days whilst I bought a new power unit.

And then ...

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5/10/2003 (non-technical)

That famous cat from the "SPOT THE CAT" competition, 10 weeks ago delivered 3 little kitties in the barn. We brought 2 this week to St Gonnery. We’re keeping one of them and of course 'Mother' - we still haven’t named her - because she’s not ours, we’re hers!

Finally got a result on the satellite dish - Terry for breakfast every morning! and without breaking up as soon as I try downloading e-mails (when I’m playing Radio2 on RealPlayer)

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How’s that for a long delay ... To skip the technical disasters update, go straight on to the better news at the end of this bit.

Remember, back in October I had some problems. Well, I now have a new hard drive. The shop in Pontivy is still closed, so I ended up going to Rennes. Again ages to rebuild. Still only IE5.5. Still not using IEOE, but Pegasus kept breaking so I'm now using Eudora. Zone Alarm - my firewall - wouldn’t reinstal so I am now using Outpost Firewall. Whilst in Rennes I got myself a new printer, however it was too new and I couldn't get ink cartridges locally.

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31/12/2003 (non-computery)

I had to go to Rennes to get more ink for my printer. Because the French don’t send Xmas cards as we do - their cards tend to be for a Bonne Année rather than a Joyeux Noël, we designed and printed our own Xmas card. We tried to use pix lifted from the web, but couldn’t get permission from the copyright owners, so we had to create our own. I think I made the partridge’s neck a little too long - what do you think?

We never did get the time to put together our on-line version of the card to send to those of you for whom we have no snailmail address. Please accept our apologies. Get on my mailing list by sending me your postal address using our contact page.

We both hope that you have had a very Merry Christmas, and that you have a whale of a time tonight, and for the rest of the New Year - Have a happy one.


If you find any bits of this web site not working properly, or otherwise disappointing please let me know.

I need to know if the changes I have been making ... (Watch out boring computery bit to follow. Dodge by going to the next bit)

I am working my way through making the web site W3C compliant using The W3C MarkUp Validation Service. It is time consuming, but satisfying. You will see the Valid HTML 4.01! W3C logo on all of my pages eventually.

One byproduct of this is the need to discover more about the use of CSS. So far I am using exterior style files, but this may not work on older browsers dependant upon HTML versions earlier than 3.2.

... have affected your enjoyment of the site.

I found an online archive of this site going back to December 2002 at the WayBack Machine site. It archives your favourite website (?) back to 1996.

I shall probably be archiving this when I make the next entry. Local event calendars have started to appear at 'Chez Petit Pierre'. If I get the time I shall also be doing my first local diary of the year.

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