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Hope you like the new format. The plan is that the navigation should be a little more intuitive - click "the House", you get "the House" with links to this news and gossip page, instead of trying to cram it all on one page.

New Picture GalleryAlso new is this picture gallery, for those who want to see the pictures without reading the news. Principally containing photographs we have taken, the gallery also includes pictures from other sources, such as the great one of the bike leaning against the town board - I’d love to credit the photographer, so if it is you, do tell!

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Things to do.

There are some nice local walks described on
And some more in French from Marzina ... 

Here is a diary of local events for July, and another for August.

And if you can’t get to Brittany yourself you can learn a lot about its early history here.



One of our favourite local haunts is the ‘bar jeuChez Petit Pierre. Pierre obviously didn’t expect me to really take this picture when I pointed the camera at him, because you should have seen his face afterwards!

Mine Host at Chez Petit Pierre
Mine Host at Chez Petit Pierre, our local

The bar is not far to the right of these signposts in Mûr, and we live to the left in the direction of Loudéac. You may be able to make out by the traffic signs the street sign which says ‘Rue de la Résistance’.

Street Sign and Sign Posts
Street Sign and Sign Posts.

Behind the photographer is the street leading up to the Chapelle Ste. Suzanne, the other church in Mûr.

Chapelle Ste. Suzanne
Chapelle Ste. Suzanne.

We may have mentioned that whenever we can spare the time, and in order to unwind, we like to go to ‘trocs et puces’, as a result of which my collection of ancient sprung saddles is increasing rapidly. I also like to keep an eye out for bikey memorabilia - I found at a recent Vide Grenier - ‘empty loft’ - this autographed photograph of Maurice le Guilloux, the winner of the 1975 Grand Prix d’Aix en Provence. He was born near St Brieuc, Côtes d’Armor, in 1950.

Breton Cycle hero Maurice le Guilloux
Maurice le Guilloux.


This weekend has been the celebration of ‘La Fête de la Musique’ and we have been spoilt for choices for entertainment.

Friday night we went to Le Bar Rockwell in Mûr and listened to Breton Music, HipHop, and our pal Michael doing some Blues. It was a very pleasant night ending about one o’clock.

Saturday night however was the real mid summer’s day celebration. We went to Gouarec from 7 ’til 11, and then on to Pontivy until sunup. All sorts of people with all sorts of taste in music just get up and do it!

On the way back we noticed that the pharmacy thermometer was registering 21°, and this was before the sun had come up!


At last pictures of the house!

Guesthouse in Mur de Bretagne
View from across the road

Guesthouse in Brittany
Closeup of the front door


We got our Clévacances certificate today.

Clevacances 3 keys
3 Whole Keys

... which was nice. You can imagine how pleased we were. When we have framed it, it goes up on the wall of the room.

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