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No pictures this week. We have finally laid the floorboards in the dining room/kitchen and started the entrance/hallway. We have established our first en suite shower/WC. Pictures are still in the camera.

We took a day off today, to go to a ‘vide greniere’(empty loft - something like a table top/car boot sale) at Caro (near Ploermel). Came back with a well loaded car.

We find out where and when our ‘brocantes’ are happening by visiting Points de Chine


It’s been rush! rush! these last few weeks, and will be for the next few too.

Carol has today planted 20 of the 30 hedging trees to separate us from our neighbour’s garden. We don’t want the risk of trespass in their garden just because the boundary is ill defined. And anyway, us Brits like to know where our limits are. It has been hard work for her, but a change from painting window shutters and glazing.

Harvey has started fitting the kitchen - lots of plumbing to do!

In the words of the one and only JY - TTFN


Out in the garden yesterday - rare rest moment whilst watering the new trees, herbs and climbers - we spotted that the fruit trees were about to burst into bloom. The established trees are further developed than the new trees. The mistletoe, recently seeming dead, is recovering on what seems to be the oldest apple tree.


We’re up and running! One double room in action. We think it looks great. Pictures to follow - or you could come and see for yourself ...

One of the baby pear trees is blooming by the front gate, as are several of the mature trees. Some obviously need more TLC. We’ve had a lot of butterflies and birds visiting the garden - we saw one strangely coloured bird disecting a dandelion!

It was such a lovely day yesterday, we took a leisurely walk out towards the lake and ended up at an auberge. Our hostess proudly informed us that the temperature was 22 degrees! Toasty! We’ll be visiting there on Sunday afternoon to learn Breton Boules - not the same as Petanque. The canoes were all out on the lake, and lots of visitors were there. All the gardens are colourful in bloom.

Back later ...

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