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Cartoon fisherman for a guest house in Brittany

Fishing Permits

Fishing permits can be obtained at the local Bars Tabacs, Bars PMU, etc. A one year licence costs 60€, a one week licence 12 - 16€. This allows you to fish the Lac de Guerlédan, the River Blavet, The Canal Nantes à Brest, The river Oust - Côtes d’Armor, basically. In some places, Saint Guen for example, it is possible to get a 1 day local fishing permit for about 4€.

Night Fishing

There is a 2 mile stretch of the Lac du Guerlédan, well signposted, where 24 hour fishing is permitted. Otherwise night fishing is forbidden except on private lakes - which at up to 40€ per night can be a bit pricey!

What Fish?

In the big lake, there are large Bream of 2 - 5 Kg, Roach and Hybrids at 1.5 Kg, Perch, Zander, large Pike. You can hire a boat from the Créperie at Beau Rivage for about 30€ per day in the summer. There are Catfish and Crayfish in the lake that steal your Boilies. In the Canal, rivers and public lakes (such as the Trou de la Pie) there are much the same selection , but also Trout, although of small weight.


Bait can be bought at Decathlon, Champion, Hypermarché, tackle shops, some bars. These also sell tackle hooks, weights etc. Check out the "Bargain Bucket" at Decathlon!


Decathlon is at St Brieuc and Carhaix Plouguer. Champion at Loudéac, Rostrenen and most big towns. Hypermarché in most big towns. Watch out for the big roadside hoardings advertising these places as you enter town.

Fishing Methods

The best all-round method of fishing the Lac de Guerlédan is with Quiver rod and Ground Bait feeder, size 14 hook. Three maggots or worm and maggot will catch Bream, Roach and Hybrids up to about 1Kg.

The method feeder with scalded trout pellets brought from UK, squeezed onto the method coil or Korda Kite with three hair rigged sweet corn will catch Bream to 5Kg and Roach or Hybrids to 3Kg.

Hair rigged Fishmeal Boilies are the best for fishing Carp. You can get these at the shops listed above. When using Boilies, watch out for the Crayfish and Rough Catfish which will snap you up unless you're using a heavy line (10 Kg+).

Ledgered dead Roach will get you Cats and big Pike - use wire traces.

On the canal and rivers, ledgered worm and maggot or float fish maggot will get you most types of fish, but lobworm is best for Trout.


I am not an angler myself - I don’t understand more than half of the jargon above - I just typed this in from copy given to me by a pal, who has not yet had the opportunity to check it. If you see any glaring errors or omissions on this page, feel free to contact us at Pear Blossom House.

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