What’s on locally.

All the year

Every day (except Saturday), 1400-1800: Visite libre ou guidées de l‘Abbaye de Bon Repos. Guided tours of the Abbaye de Bon Repos, near St Gelven.

Every Sunday morning, 1000-1300: Marché du terroir. Local Market at Bon Repos, near St Gelven.

Every Thursday: Market day in Guémené sur Scorff.
market stall

Calendar for May

4 May, Gouarec: 7th Randonnée Muguet, 0700: 5 marked rambling routes from 8 to 42 km in length.

9 May , Rostrenen: Troc et Puce (bit like a car boot sale but not). Free admission.

15/16/17/18 May, Mûr de Bretagne: ‘3me Printemps des Barde’s. 3rd Springtime of the Bards. Theatre, music, poetry readings.

16 May, Gouarec: ‘Histoire de Loups’ Randonnée: Night walk with tales of wolves ...

17/18 May, Locminé: Trophée Centre Morbihan - Road bike competition for Juniors, organised by ( Fédération Française de Cyclisme
17 May, Gouarec: ‘Fête 1900’, Fest-noz vraz trad.notes Musicians, singers and theatre in the street, remembering the daily life at the start of the last century.

17 May, Perret: Kost ar c’hoat (A particular Breton dance.)

18 May, Gouarec: Fest-deiz, Kost ar c’hoat.

18 May, St Gelven: Kost ar c’hoat.

18 May, St Gilles du Vieux Marché: Walking, cycling and riding randonnées. Start 0900-1400, €3.50 entry.

18 May, St Guen: Fishing competition.

24/25 May, Tregueux: Challenge National Interregion Nord Ouest - BMX competition, organised by ( Fédération Française de Cyclisme

24 May, Gouarec: Swimming competition.

25 May, Guémené sur Scorff: Sports day.

29 May, Mûr de Bretagne: Brocante. Bric-a-brac sale.

31 May, Baud; ‘Grande Fete de la Biere’ Beer festival from 1900. 31 May, Laniscat: ‘Les 140 km de Guerledan’, International horse riding (endurance) competition.


Les Trois Marchands, Guémené sur Scorff

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