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Terms of service for a Brittany bed and breakfast Terms of service for a Brittany bed and breakfast Terms of service for a Brittany bed and breakfast Terms of service for a Brittany bed and breakfast Terms of service for a Brittany bed and breakfast Terms of service for a Brittany bed and breakfast Terms of service for a Brittany bed and breakfast Terms of service for a Brittany bed and breakfast Terms of service for a Brittany bed and breakfast Terms of service for a Brittany bed and breakfast
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Terms and Conditions of Service

22nd April 2012


    • Accepted forms of payment are by Euro cheque drawn on a French bank account, or by MoneyBookers or PayPal in Euros only. MoneyBookers and PayPal will process a credit card whereas we cannot.
    • A non-refundable deposit of approximately 50% of your expected bill may be requested prior to your arrival.
    • If you have a UK bank account a Sterling cheque may be acceptable for the deposit.
      • Your cheque will be cleared at the bank before your booking can be confirmed.
      • The exchange rate on the day of clearance will be used to calculate the balance still outstanding. We use XE.COM for immediate currency conversion and OANDA.COM for historical exchange rates.
    • Cheques should be made out to "Mr. & Mrs. Partridge".
    • Failure to make a requested deposit may, at our discretion, be construed as a rejection of the booking, leading to the potential letting of the room to another.
    • We will request the balance due upon your arrival, so please have it with you.
    • An invoice/receipt can be provided upon request, after payment has been made.

    • Check in time is usually from 4PM (1600).
    • Check in time on school days, is from 3PM (1500) to 4:15PM (1615) and 5PM (1700) to 6PM (1800).
    • If you should find that we are not in at the precise time that you arrive, you will be welcome to leave your car(s) on our courtyard and explore Mûr.
    • If you are likely to arrive after 6PM (1800) you must tell us.

    • We ask that you vacate your room and return the keys to us before 11AM (1100).
    • For a payment of just 10 euros you can delay your departure until 2PM (1400).
    • Arrangements may be made after check out to store your luggage for the day, but it may be in the garage or the barn!

    • If you have made a deposit and you notify us sixty (60) or more days before your due arrival date that you are not coming, we refund as follows ...
      • For MoneyBookers - refund by MoneyBookers to MoneyBookers account.
      • For PayPal - refund by PayPal to PayPal account.
      • For Credit Card through MoneyBookers or PayPal - refund by cheque (in euros) to be processed at your own expense.
      • For cheques - refund by cheque to be processed at your own expense.
    • We make an administrative charge of 30% for all refunds.

    • All monies received are non-refundable upon failure to arrive.
    • In order to protect yourself against losses due to non-arrival, we strongly advise that you take out holiday insurance.


      • Except for the standard continental breakfast, all meals (fry-up breakfast, packed lunch, evening meal) must be ordered in good time so that we can get in fresh ingredients.
      • If you have any special dietary requirements, it is best to inform us in advance so that we may stock up appropriately.

      • The standard breakfast served is a continental breakfast.
      • Breakfast is served at the time of your choice between 7AM (0700) and 9AM (0900).
      • It is possible to arrange an earlier (or later) breakfast at any time, but we need to be forewarned.

      • Packed Lunch consists of demi-baguette or sliced bread sandwich with fruit and bottled water or juice.

      • The evening meal is usually served between 6PM (1800) and 8PM (2000). Children under 8 years old eat free.
        • Evening Meals

          • Evening meals include a bottle of wine for 2 and a drink such as coffee or tea (water or fruit juice for kids).
        • Full Evening Meal - 20€

          • Starter
          • Main course
          • Dessert
        • Regular Evening Meal - 12€

          • Main course and one of ...
          • Starter
          • Dessert

    • During your stay, room servicing will normally occur in the morning. If you have not vacated the room before 11AM (1100), full servicing will be deferred until the following day.
    • During your stay, if you do not require a room service, please leave your breakfast tray outside your door.

    • If you experience any problems during your stay, we would greatly appreciate it if you would express your concerns to us - it may be a problem that we can fix before you leave, or at least give advice or information. Remember that we, like you, want your stay to be as pleasant as possible.

Brittany guest house terms of service


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