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What’s on locally.

With thanks to 'Le Crie de L'Ormeau' ('The Cry of the Abalone') - monthly digest of Brittany events.
Also to 'Terre d’Enchanteurs' - le Centre Ouest Bretagne en Fête


market stall
Every Monday: Market day in Pontivy

Every Tuesday: Market day in Quintin.

Every Tuesday: Market day in Rostrenen.

Every Wednesday: Market day in Bubry.

Every Thursday: Market day in Guémené sur Scorff.

Every Sunday morning, 1000-1300: Marché du terroir. Local Market at Bon Repos, near St Gelven.

Sunday market at Bon Repos
Sunday Market at Bon Repos

All the year

Every day (except Saturday), 1400-1800: Visite libre ou guidées de l’Abbaye Bon Repos. Guided tours of the Abbaye de Bon Repos, near St Gelven.

Museum and Bar, Langoëlan - Breton furniture and utensils.

Calendar for May 2004

To 3 May, Guémené sur Scorff: Exhibition of the history of building in the Scorff Valley.

1 May, Corlay: Soirée comique - comic entertainment.

1 May, Guémené sur Scorff: Fest en dé - Daytime party with dancing and music

1 May, St Nicolas du Pelem: Fishing competition.

1/2 May, Mûr-de-Bretagne: Kayak marathon competition - world cup.

From 1 May to 15 June, Saint Gelven (l’Abbaye Bon Repos): Sculpteurs d’Ailleurs - 'Sculptors from elsewhere', an exhibition of the work of 3 contemporary African sculptors.

2 May, Gouarec: Rando muguet - signed walks/rides, 8 to 42 km.

2 May, Lanrivain: Pardon Notre Dame de Guiaudet - religious festival.

From 6 to 16 May, Loudéac: Printemps des livres - Literary convention with more than 70 authors present.

From 7 May, to 5 June, Rostrenen: Exhibition on the period from 1914/18 to 1945.

From 8 May, Plougernevel: Exhibition on the period from 1914/18 to 1945.

8/9 May, Mûr-de-Bretagne: Pastel/watercolour course at Atelier Stalig Arzour.

8 May, Rostrenen: Exhibitions in remembrance of the 60th anniversary of the D-Day Landings.

8 May, Rostrenen to Bonen: Cycle races.

9 May, Lignol: Pardon de St Nicolas à St Hervezen - religious festival.

9 May, Locmalo: Pardon de St Eugène - religious festival.

9 May, Ste Tréphine: Pardon de Ste Tréphine - religious festival.

13/14 May, Mûr-de-Bretagne: Printemps des Bardes - Poetry and song.

16 May, St Gilles Vieux Marché: Multirandonnées - walk/ride.

16 May, St Guen: - fishing competition.

17 to 23 May, Mûr-de-Bretagne: Tournoi International Benjamin de Football - International football competition.
           17 May - Arrival of the foreign teams
           18 May - Exhibition, Official Welcome, Vin d'Honneur with "Danseurs du Cercle Celtique de Mûr de Bretagne" and the "Kerlenn Pondi".
           19 May - Friendly matches with local college students in the afternoon and, in the evening, Venezuela v. Stade Pontivyen (current champions).
           20 May - Serbia, Poland and Venezuela play in Scaër and The Ukrainian teams play at Plougonven, both in Finisterre.
           21 May - Lunch concert by La Renaissance, Philharmonic Orchestra, in Mûr-de-Bretagne.
           22 May - The matches played off in Mûr-de-Bretagne, Caurel, St Gille Vieux Marché, St Guen, St Connec and St Aignan.
           23 May - Closing Ceremony at Mûr-de-Bretagne.

19 May, Mellionnec: Balade sous les Étoiles - night ramble with an introduction to astronomy, and tale telling.

20 May, Le Moustoir: Pardon du Moustoir - religious festival.

22 May, St Connec: Pardon de St Gildas - religious festival.

23 May, Canihuel: 5km ramble with introduction to some flowers of the region.

23 May, Mellionnec: Pardon de St Julien - religious festival.

23 May, St Gilles Vieux Marché: Pardon de St Yves - religious festival.

28 May, Laniscat: Les 140 km de Guerlédan- Horse endurance trials.

29 May, Rostrenen: Qui chant? - ramble with identification of birdsong from the hedgerow.

30 May, Guémené sur Scorff: Flower parade and comic procession with marching bands etc. Followed by an evening dance.

30 May, Le Haut Corlay: Fest Noz - evening do.

30 May, Rostrenen: Horse race meeting.

30 May, St Gelven: Trail de Guerlédan - 18 and 52 km cross country running races.

31 May, Rostrenen: Horse race meeting.

31 May, St Martin des Prés: Touristic Rally (?Rallye Touristique?).


Les Trois Marchands, Guémené sur Scorff

Le Bon Barde, Rostrenen

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