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What’s on locally.

With thanks to 'Le Crie de L'Ormeau' ('The Cry of the Abalone') - monthly digest of Brittany events.
Also to 'Terre d’Enchanteurs' - le Centre Ouest Bretagne en Fête


market stall
Every Monday: Market day in Guémené sur Scorff

Every Monday: Market day in Pontivy

Every Tuesday: Market day in Quintin.

Every Tuesday: Market day in Rostrenen.

Every Wednesday: Market day in Bubry.

Every Thursday: Market day in Guémené sur Scorff.

Every Sunday morning, 1000-1300: Marché du terroir. Local Market at Bon Repos, near St Gelven.

Sunday market at Bon Repos
Sunday Market at Bon Repos

All the year

Every day (except Saturday), 1400-1800: Visite libre ou guidées de l’Abbaye Bon Repos . Guided tours of the Abbaye de Bon Repos, near St Gelven.

Museum and Bar, Langoëlan - Breton furniture and utensils.

Calendar for July 2005

All Summer, Côtes d’Armor: Au cœur de l’Argoat - The old railway line between St. Méen le Grand and Carhaix-Plouguer, passes through Mûr de Bretagne ...

All Summer, St Thélo: Aux fleurs de lin ... - series of events illustrating and celebrating the flax and linen industry (16th to 18th Centuries) of Brittany.

All Summer, Corlay: La Maison de Cheval - Displays of horses and horse drawn vehicles.

All Summer, La Chèze: Musée Régional des Métiers - Industrial Museum - the blacksmith, the farrier, the clog-maker, the shoemaker, the dentist, the weaver.

All Summer, St Nicolas du Pélem: Musée Rural de l’Éducation - Museum of school and education.

All Summer, Lac de Guerlédan: - Mountain bike rides (and hire).

Every Tuesday, July and August, Moncontour: Les Mardivertissants

Every Wednesday, July and August, Loudéac: Les Mercredis d’Loudia.

2 July, Mûr-de-Bretagne: - Karaoke Live! at the Rockwell.

3 July to 28 August, Guingamp: Bugale Vreizh et festival de danse Bretonne et de la Saint Loup - Celtic music and dance festival.

3 July, Corlay: Centenaire de l’hippodrome du "Petit Paris" - 7 horse races to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the course.

3 July, Séglien: Pardon de St Jean - Religious celebration.

3 July, St Martin des Prés: Touristic Rally (?Rallye Touristique?).

3 July, Mûr-de-Bretagne: Pardon de St Pierre - Religious celebration.

8 to 10 July, Gouarec: Fête 1900 - Weekend celebrating Gouarec in the year 1900; period dress, artisans of the time, etc.

9 to 17 July, Quintin: Festival de Chant Choral - Festival of choir song.

9 July, Gouarec: Fest Noz - Well, you don’t come here very often if you don’ know yet that this a traditional Breton party.

9 July, Mûr-de-Bretagne: Pardon de Ste Suzanne - Religious celebration.

9 July, St Mayeux: Fest Noz - Breton party into the night ...

10 July, Silfiac: Championnat de Bretagne d’Endurance Équestre - Brittany Championships, horse riding.

10 July, Cléguérec: Pardon de la Madelaine - Religious celebration.

11 to 16 July, La Chèze and Plumieux: Les Assemblées Gallèses - If I knew what this was I’d tell you - perhaps later ...

11 to 17 July (? - second week in July, not too sure of exact dates yet), Callac to Lac de Guerlédan : La Costarmoricaine - horse riding "Randonnée".

13 to 17 July, Mûr-de-Bretagne: Festival des Arts Traditionnels - Art, music and dance from Brittany and the rest of the world.

13 July, Cléguérec: Feu d’artifice et bal - Firework display and dance.

14 July, Corlay: Courses hippiques - Horse racing.

14 July, Moncontour: Journée découverte du Pays de Moncontour - Discover the village of Moncontour on foot or mountain bike.

14 July, Mûr-de-Bretagne: Feu d’artifice et bal - Firework display and dance.

14 July, Corlay: Feu d’artifice - Firework display.

16 July, Mûr-de-Bretagne: Jean Claude Lalanne in concert at the Rockwell.

17 July, Séglien: Randonnée - Signposted walks and rides.

17 July, Saint-Connec: Pardon de St Gonery - Religious celebration.

17 July, Saint-Connec: Rando, Repas, Fête - Pedestrian and bike rides, evening meal and party ...

23 to 25 July, Carhaix: Festival des Vielles Charrues - rock festival - Allegedly the biggest in Europe ...

23 to 24 July, Plélauff: Les Gauloiseries - I dunno.

23 July, Mûr-de-Bretagne: Soirée Antillaise - Antillean evening at the Rockwell.

23 July, St Gilles Vieux Marché: Fest Noz - Breton party into the night ...

23 July, St Guen: Pardon de Ste Ma\rtie madelaine - Religious celebration.

24 July, Séglien: Pardon de St Germain - Religious celebration.

24 July, Saint-Aignan: 13émes Puces Electriques - 13th Electric bits market (You know there is a Museum of electricity here?).

24 July, Corlay: Fête de la Chasse et concours d’attelages - Hunting Party (and competition something to do with harness).

29 July, Mûr-de-Bretagne: Animation Celtique - Celtic evening at the Rockwell.

31 July, Cléguérec: Pardon de Ste Anne de Boduic - Religious celebration.

31 July, Corlay: Concours complet d’Équitation - Complete competition of horse riding(?).


Les Trois Marchands, Guémené sur Scorff

Le Bon Barde, Rostrenen

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